Face to Face 2022 (21)

                                           „If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with him.“                                           

Long Walk to Freedom – Nelson Mandela


Israeli, Palestinian and German students open to each other

in an intensive 8-day-seminar in Germany

Haus Emsen near Hamburg, Germany March 17th - 27th 2022


Friendship Across Borders e.V. www.fab-friendshipacrossborders.net/en/ is a German non-governmental peace-organization, which cooperates with the “Holy Land Trust” (https://holylandtrust.org), a Palestinian NGO, and the Israeli association “The Other Voice” (http://www.othervoice.org/info/info-006.htm). Their shared aim is to achieve deeper mutual understanding between young Germans, Palestinians and Israelis about the interrelated collective traumas that the three nations have experienced: Israelis with the Holocaust of the Jewish people, Palestinians in the “Nakba” (catastrophe) of expulsion from their homeland in 1948 and the continuing occupation, and Germans as descendants of Nazi offenders but also as victims of National Socialism.

The seminar FACE TO FACE 2021/22 aims to bring together seven students each from the Palestinian Territories, from Israel and from Germany to explore these traumas together. This will be difficult, as Palestinian and Israeli societies continue to be separated from each other and became imprisoned in their own narratives that blend facts with fictions, real human tragedies with legends, realities with propaganda. These mental walls need to be opened to cope with the traumas, yet both Israelis and Palestinians may be afraid of, and will need to brave, reactions of social exclusion from their own families and friends when they dare to meet the “enemy”. Based on many years of experience in this work with collective traumas, in its seminars FAB explores ways to stop considering the “other” as the enemy and create space for sharing experiences and emotions in order to counteract one's own sense of impotence in the face of violence, destruction and intolerance. With this new knowledge, participants may become multipliers to help their own societies to a better future.

During the nine-day seminar, the group will be accommodated in the Haus Emsen near Hamburg, which offers a protected space to share deep emotional scars with each other. Under the guidance of three professional mediators from the three countries, participants will explore the complex psychological and political realities of the collective traumas that connect the three peoples. A variety of interactive methods will help the students to become aware of them, and to share their grief with each other.

Personal motivation is an essential prerequisite for participation. Diversity in subjects of studies, gender, social or political background will be given priority in selecting students.

We plan a joint excursion probably to Hamburg, an intercultural personal exchange and teamwork. At the end a recognized certificate of attendance can be issued. The seminar is accompanied by additional national preparatory and follow-up meetings.


Participation fee: 150 € (an application for reduction is possible)

Seminar language: English. Questions and registration at

Jonas Monninger <jonas.monninger(at)mailbox.org>