We are deeply saddened and condemn the ongoing violence in the region.

We feel for the many people who have lost their loved ones,

living in fear and terror and in speechless despair.

Our only hope is that we continue to talk to each other.

It is the foundation for the truly lasting peace that we are all longing for.


8th Internation Seminar "Touching Borders" 2015 / 5 min. / version 15 min. >> "Current Seminars"

FAB - Friendship Across Borders e.V. is a non-governmental peace-organization, in which Germans, Palestinians and Israelis work together. Our principle activity is to train young adults in mutual understanding, respect and acceptance through their own personal transformation, so that they become "Peace-Carriers" in their societies.


In the framework of trilateral dialogues, FAB promotes peace between Palestinians and Israelis and contributes to reconciliation between Germans and Jews.



FAB was founded by Brigitta M.M. Mahr in 2003